Who We Are

You have to be burning with "an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right." If you're not passionate enough from the start, you'll never stick it out.

Steve Jobs

EmpathiCymru is made up of a gifted and enthusiastic people with a shared, infectious vision: the firm desire to help people and organisations in Wales fulfil their unique potential. Whether in schools or any other educational establishment, our dynamic approach supports the development of a highly successful environment.

EmpathiCymru is a consultancy based in Wales with a primary purpose of delivering a high quality service for the Welsh Assembly Government and its educational partners through a team of highly qualified and skilled associates who have a career track record of success in education and learning in Wales.

EmpathiCymru is a start-up company led by two directors jointly with over sixty years of education experience in teaching, advice and support, thirty of which have been spent in senior, strategic leadership/management posts in Wales. The company plans to use its existing contacts and customer base to generate both short and long-term tendering and training contracts. Its long-term viability will rely on professional contracts obtained through strategic alliances, a comprehensive marketing programme and a successful referral programme.

Some of the main benefits to working with EmpathiCymru are:

  1. The company is owned and run by two directors who have extensive experience  in education and learning in Wales and as such can relate to the needs and  frustrations of making an improvement in education of all youngsters in Wales

  2. The company is dedicated to working with the educational sector in Wales  through a team of associates who have worked in education in Wales for many  years. This allows our partners to recognise the level of understanding the  company has for the culture and direction of learning and education in Wales  and ensures the work done by EmpathiCymru is developed from an uniquely  Welsh perspective

  3. The recycling of all financial aspects of the company back into the Welsh economy thus providing a further stimulus to this economy.